If you are new to renting apartments in Tokyo or in Japan, read our first part of “Apartment for rent in Japan in a nutshell”. Besides the initial cost, what should you prepare for when renting an apartment in Tokyo?

Tokyo apartments for rent don’t include furniture

Renting apartments in Tokyo is renting a furniture free apartment. This is where you’ll find an empty room. First thing first, wifi. Unless you don’t need it, all big mobile providers (Softbank, Au, Docomo) come with internet providing options and will include a modem in their package, but if you need wifi, you’ll have to buy a router yourself.

As they are competing for user, you can get wifi as cheap as 3000 JPY a month, and they come with a 2-years contract. If you cancel, you will need to pay penalties. (We suggest that you should be careful with promotion campaign)

In case you don’t need to worry about it, let’s find a place to sleep, or maybe some other furniture.

Bedding, futon, sofa, or something good to sleep in.

In old Japan, people sleep in the futon, a flat fluffy mattress (you all know what it is), and put them into the closet when they are not in use. However, in modern-day, people started to use the bed, which is quite expensive when buying new. Especially in Japan where everything is sky-high. So, a second-hand shop is a non-passing place. Check out your local map to find one, price usually 50% cheaper than buying new, if you don’t care about sleeping in another old bed. Still, the cheapest option is a futon, you can find one online for just about 5000 JPY.

If you got a big place, you might think of a sofa. Note that Japanese furniture is expensive, so unless you find it necessary. Else, don’t or second-hand stuff is good. But hey, who doesn’t like sitting on the sofa, eating pop-corn, hands on your favorite drink, and watching movies? Where will you store those of your favorite drink?

Refrigerator for rent in Tokyo apartment, you can rent it.

Check out those second-hand place, in Japan, they have an option for you to rent a refrigerator, washing machine, fan, air-conditioners. Some will cost you a few thousand yen for a 2 years contract (they do love 2-years contract here). If you are going to buy it (still second hand of course)

  • Washing Machine: 10,000 JPY
  • Refrigerator: 12,000 JPY
  • Air-conditioner: 30,000 JPY
  • Some houses don’t come with stove. So buy a gas stove will be around 20,000 JPY
  • In total, more than 70,000 JPY for cheapest necessary stuffs in a house.
  • Don’t forget closet, mattress and other mini stuffs.

What a nutshell when you need to pay a lot, but moving to a new place is cool. And this will conclude the second part of other (initial necessary) money you need to prepare when renting apartments in expensive Tokyo or in Japan.

Don’t think too hard on it, cause if you living in Homestay, you don’t even need to buy those stuff. Our hosts got it cover! New to Japan, then live with locals, people pretty enjoy living with foreigners, at least that’s true at Homii Homestay!

Hanging out with them and you will know what hidden in Tokyo. Or maybe a countryside trip, and another trip to different parts of Japan?

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