The Hachiko dog is waiting for you there in Shibuya and is the 1st thing in todo list when you get there. If you never heard the story, let us tell you a bit below.

Hachiko dog statue – 1st in todo list in Shibuya

So why is it famous? Hachiko is the name of the loyalty dog who wait for its dad to return from work. Hidesaburō Ueno was never return. Mr.Ueno, a professor at the Tokyo Imperial University, brought his dog, Hachiko to live with him in Shibuya, in 1924. Hachiko would wait for him to return everyday at the station, but May 21, 1925, Mr.Ueno died at work of a cerebral hemorrhage. For 9 years, until its death on March 8, 1935, Hachiko kept returning to the station everyday, and wait for its owner. Its statue is now right in front of Shibuya station.

And next to it is

The famous Scramble Square.

Yes, this is the world’s busiest pedestrian intersection, Shibuya Crossing. At the peak time, thousand move through it at once. Take your time to get some crazy picture at the middle of the intersection, as the red light is over 30 seconds. Just don’t get lost or stay in the middle for too long, taxis in Tokyo is crazy. Then run forward to the opposite street of the station, where you can see the…

Iconic Shibuya 109 – best in todo list for shopping in Shibuya

Be careful of what you want, as not everything will fit in your luggage. Tokyo Shibuya 109 is a shopping center dedicate to the youth, and this is where things get interesting. Founded in 1979, the tower up to its trend with Western fashion, Streetwear, Lolita swag, Sweets and snaps, etc.

Where to find it? Between Shibuya Center Gai Shopping Street and Dogenzaka, well, actually you don’t really need to worry, it’s tall enough.

If you don’t like to be stuff in a shopping mall, then

Just wandering the side streets of Shibuya, sparkling with pizza store. Sparkling.. lots of pizza, authentical to Japanese style. If not, check the list below, they are shopping mall but with a twist.

  • Muji store, with 6 floors and its own coffee shop.
  • Tokyu Hands, the first store, opened in 1976, with 8 floors with 3 sections on each.

Don’t just go there alone and get lost. Go with us and our lovely local hosts and have fun around Shibuya. Do you know lots of them are living right in the area? At Homii Homestay, you can enjoy a local living style.

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