Live affordably with
a Japanese family
Why Homestay?
1. Live affordably

-¥40K~¥60K rent
-All utilities included
-No deposit or key money
-Get discounts by offering your skills or help to your host

2. Learn Japanese Language

Living and interacting with locals is the best way to learn Japanese.

3. Learn deeply about Japanese culture

Through living and interacting with local people, you can learn more about Japan in a deeper way.

Why Homii?
1. At the earliest, you can start your homestay in just two weeks from now
2. Foreigners are welcomed by all hosts
3. Over 300 hosts to choose from
4. Homestay insurance* & multilingual support team
*What's homestay insurance?
Homii Guest's Experience
1. With Homii, how do payments work?
2. How do I make the payment?
3. Is it possible to first try out living at a host's place?
4. What if my host decides to stop hosting me before the end of the homestay?
5. What is homestaying?
6. What are differences between Homii's homestay and other homestays?
If you’re interested, you can call our Japanese number at +81 50 5534 7486 or reach us by online call via our Skype account (ID: live:2c819d92da1ce667). If you’d prefer another way to talk or if you’d like to schedule a time with us in advance, you can contact us easily via
Want to become a Homii host?
Being a host gives you a unique opportunity to experience other cultures and establish lifelong friendships.
Hosting merits
Lifelong memories and relationships between your family and the guest
The option to choose whether or not to provide meals
Collecting a homestay fee averaging 50,000yen