Ajinkya is a friendly guy, he is like my younger brother.

Nagata-san said with a drink in his hand

Nagata-san welcomed Ajinkya to his homestay in the cold of the beginning of spring, Ajinkya is a chemical engineer from India who came to Japan for a research internship, and Nagata-san is a freelancer, market research for India, Vietnam, and other South East Asia. Japan is the first foreign country that Ajinkya came to, many things were different, new. “It’s a totally new country, I was a bit conscious, but he took care of me a lot. Like a brother,” said Ajinkya

“He cooks good curry, more authentic than shops around Tokyo.” Nagata-san chimed in. “Indian food here was changed to fit Japanese taste.”

“I did cook in a traditional way, but it too spicy, so I calm it down a bit” Ajinkya laugh “Nagata san is my first foreigner friend”

“We’ve been to Nissan factory and Doraemon museum. Now we have plans to watch baseball, and sakura viewing (hanami)” Nagata-san continued.

“This is my first hanami. A lot of things are new, and my first time, I’m grateful to meet Nagata-san, he’s always concerned about me as a brother.” Ajinkya said. “He celebrated my birthday when I came here, it’s really cool.”

Ajinkya cooked curry that day, and we were invited to stay for dinner. “I hope our connection will continue, maybe when he gets married in India, I’ll come and join” Nagata-san laughed.

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