It’s hard to predict when will an earthquake will happen not just in Japan but it’s easy to know how to prepare for one. If you are new to Japan we have some instructions down here that you can follow.

Where to get information about earthquake in Japan?

English information sites can be found at:

Japanese content can be reach at:

Why are there so many earthquake in Japan?

As entire Japan is located on the Pacific Ring of Hell (or Fire), each movement of the lower level ground will shake Japan a little.

Scientists warn that in the next few years, Japan might facing a Mega Earthquake (by Kyodo News), which is unpredictable.

Prepare yourself (and your family) an emergency package.

If you have a tent, futon, camping tools, it’s good when after the quake and you don’t have anywhere to move back. Else, leave them there as you will need something light, to move to an emergency site.

In your emergency backpack, you should have:

  • A liter of water per person for 3 days.
  • Dry food
  • Lighter
  • Flashlight
  • Mini first-aid kit
  • Charger and battery

Things that should be in your reach

  • Family members
  • Phone
  • Personal Document (copy of ID, passport, driver licences, or the real material)
  • Portable radio (if have)

For radio: check these English-speaking radio signal.

  • Inter FM (76.1FM Tokyo, 76.5FM Yokohama)
  • Eagle (810AM)
  • The bilingual format of NHK (693AM)

What you can do next?

Write your mobile number, personal detail of you and your family, and share the list, either on mobile, or paper (recommended on plastic).

Check with your local ward office to know where is the nearest evacuation area. Also, fix all the tall shelves, closet to stick to the wall.

During the earthquake period, stay calm!

Sit tight under reinforced beams (such as tables), after the main quake over, check your family member for injuries. Take your emergency kit and move out of the house using stair (do not use the elevator)

We recommend you to install Yurekuru App for Japan using.

If you are new to Japan, and want to be safer?

Try living with our local hosts, they can help you prepare for this kind of situation. At Homii Homestay, our hosts are run through these situation for years and they know the best way to prepare for it.

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