When people talk about Japanese discipline, usually they talk about how train and bus schedules, little they know that even the delivery services in Japan are working at the same pace.

The biggest delivery service working in Japan

Japan post office (or JP Post) as the national No.3 delivery service (as of 2018), come next to Kuroneko Yamato (the Black Cat) and Sagawa (or Blue delivery), all provide door-to-door delivery service for homes and businesses.

Quick fact: in 2017, the industry sent 4.2 billions parcels (according to the Land, Transportation and Tourism Ministry)

How wide are these companies cover?

Domestically, Kuroneko claims that they covered 99.9% of all Japan, we still don’t know where is the last 0.1% but probably you won’t need it.

In Tokyo, all of them working from Monday through Sunday, from 8 am until 9 pm. If you are working and not at home during the delivery, either they will leave a paper and come back later, or they will ask if you can let them put it at the front door or in the gas box (if you are living in a Japanese apartment, the gas box usually be outside next to your front door)

Which services that they are working on (In Japan)?

Lists are below:

  • Perishable items (cool delivery – kuuru takyubin)
  • Same-day delivery

As Kuroneko and Sawaga are the main partners with Amazon and Rakuten store, the same-day delivery service became more common and competitive. Lucky for us now that we can get the thing we need on the same day.

  • Cash on delivery
  • Pick-up Drop-off with payment available at convenience stores

At any partnering convenience stores, big chain like Lawson, 7-Eleven, Family Mart, you can pick up, drop off, pay for your delivery, to mail package.

  • Home package delivery
  • Luggage to the airport (this is very convenience)

For people are looking to going hand free (both ways, from the hotel to airport or vice versa), you can drop off your luggage at any receiving point (either at their office or partnering pickup store, convenience store). Sometime the queue might be full and they will announce that on the spot.

What about the pricing?

The pricing depends on your location, and destination as well as the luggage size. There are 2 ways of measuring, by the total size of 3 dimensions (if your package is lighter than weight limited) or by weight (if your package is bigger than limited). The simple formula is:

  • By size: Height (H) + Wide (W) + Depth (D)

Each company have different measurement, check their online calculator in these link below:

Few simple Japanese phrases that you can use:

郵便番号 (ゆうびん ばんごう) – Post Code

受取人様 (うけとりにん さま) – Addressee

差出人様 (さしだしにん さま) – Sender

配達日時 (はいたつ にちじ) – Time of Delivery

保管期限 (ほかん きげん) – Holding Period

お知らせ番号 (おしらせ ばんごう) – Item Number

配達担当者 (はいたつ たんとうしゃ) – Delivery Person

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