Living in Japan is totally convenient. Really, a few minutes outside the door, you’ll get to a convenience store. Either Lawson, Family Mart, 7-Eleven, to Daily Yamazaki (no sponsor here), will get you the same service. Virtually anything you need for your daily life, from food to the cloth.

Send mail, receive parcels or delivery.

Kuroneko, JP post, name your delivery service here, they have it all. They will handle your luggage to the airport, let you pick up your Amazon/Rakuten order. Also, they sell a limited range of postal services.

Withdrawn and deposit at ATM

You can withdraw from foreign cards at 7-Eleven ATM, but the fee is expensive. Most others are only for domestic use.

If you are living in Japan and want to go to Disney? Find Multipurpose terminals at any Konbini!

Need to buy a highway bus ticket? Ticket for Concerts? Show event? Theme Park ticket? Yes, this is where you print your reservation code out and pay at the counter. Most of them do not support English unfortunately.

Buy fresh food

Yes, fresh food is made daily, fresh vegetables with a higher price. Still more than just snacks and drinks. There are sandwiches, onigiri, fried chicken, nikuman, and oden in winter.

Fresh coffee

Usually, coffee in convenience stores is fresh and only costs 100yen, compared to a normal coffee shop. The quality? Not too bad.

Sit down for free wifi (yes, free wifi is rare)

You can sit down and eat in a big convenience store, but overall, they have wifi at every stop.

And last is pay your bill

Although you can also let them automatically withdraw from your bank account. If you like to do it manually, bills including utility, cell phone and insurance bills, can be paid there.

More than 50,000 here in Japan, open 24/7, and more still opening up every month. A good alternative when the supermarket is closed at night.
What does the convenience store look like where you are from?

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